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Mid-Life Crisis
Mid-Life Crisis
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Life is a fast moving train; we live, we love, we work and we die. The in-between better be good. Ask Agi for advice to help make your in-between exceptional! Read More

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Balancing a successful combination of Life and Love is complicated. Agi offers advice and sometimes fodder, drawing on her personal experiences as a single mother and woman, in addition to the wealth of knowledge she has accumulated after years of digesting every self-help book published! Read More


Welcome to Dear Agi's Website ~

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my site. I am thrilled to be in a position where I can bring people together to share their stories and wisdom through the experiences life has offered them. Please don’t be shy to submit a story to share or ask a question. There are no dumb questions. We are all here to gain an understanding of our own unique situation and in the process help others ~

Agi Smith